Strengthening Capacities for Implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive in Montenegro

Project Beneficiaries

The main beneficiaries/stakeholders are:

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), Directorate for Water Management
  • Directorate for Water

Other Stakeholders

  • Institute for Hydro-meteorology and Seismology (IHMS), responsible for implementation and monitoring of hydrology and water quality
  • Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism (MSDT), responsible for drinking water supply and waste water collection and its treatment
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), responsible for environmental monitoring and nature conservation
  • Ministry of Health (MH), responsible for drinking water
  • Ministry of Interior, responsible for management of emergency situations
  • Ministry of Economy (ME), responsible for hydro energy
  • Geological Survey of Montenegro
  • Municipalities, responsible for provision of drinking water supply and waste water collection and treatment as well as for regulating general use of water bodies
  • Public Enterprise Coastal Zone, responsible for management of coastal zone and marine areas
  • Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs
  • The Port Authority
  • Maritime Safety Authority
  • Regional water supply company
  • Institute of Public Health

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